Colombo Cares


October’s Featured Non-Profit:

Kamloops Art Gallery

Enjoy the food you love, at home or work!
One day a month we are selling our famous pasta with tomato meat sauce accompanied by alternating protein of meatballs, ribs, Italian sausage or chicken for you to enjoy.

We encourage you to share a meal together  with your family, friends or co-workers, it is the Italian way!  Make it a new monthly tradition!

Profits donated to local non-profit organizations
A new non-profit will be featured each month.

List of featured beneficiaries:

September 18, 2019    Kamloops Hospice
October 16, 2019        Kamloops Art Gallery
November 20, 2019     Kamloops Habitat for Humanity
December 18, 2019     Kamloops SPCA

Colombo Cares – Take Home Dinners are being sold on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from September to June.  11:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Cost: $24.95 + GST + ticketing and credit card fee of $2.53 – Each portion is very generous and easily serves 2.

Pre-Order by noon prior to event.

  or call 250-374-4914 

Help us help our community even more!  Please support these great causes by purchasing a meal at these events.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much food is there in each order? Each container is generously filled with pasta mixed with a tomato meat
sauce, accompanied by an alternating proteins of meatballs, Italian sausage, ribs or chicken. It is a very ample serving
that can easily feed 2.

Can I have food delivered? Yes, on orders for 10 or more. The fee for deliveries up to 10 km is $5, and up to a
maximum of 20 km for $10.

Is there a vegetarian option? Unfortunately, vegetarian options are not available at this time.

Is there a Gluten Free Option? Unfortunately, gluten free options are not available at this time.

Can I set up a time to pick up my food? You will be given a choice of times to pick up your food when you pre-book
and pre-pay. It allows us to have the food fresh, hot and ready for when you arrive.

How is the Non-Profit organization featured on the event day? Featured Non-Profits will have some staff and/or
volunteers on site to answer any questions about their organization or any upcoming activities they may have on hand.
Promotional materials will be given out with each order if provided by the organization.

How can my Non-Profit Organization be a beneficiary? Applications for the next Month’s dinner will be posted on our website later in September.

How much money goes to the Non-Profit? $5 per sale sold goes directly to the Non-Profit.

Can we just eat our food at the Colombo Lodge’s hall? It is a take away dinner. The idea is to take it to your home
or office (or have a picnic) to enjoy. We encourage everyone to share the meal with family, friends and co-workers. We
hope to see this become a new monthly tradition for you!

Can we just drop in and pay at the door? A certain amount food is being prepared and preference will be given to
people who have pre-ordered and pre-paid. There may not be food available for purchase if you just show up. You are
welcome to take a chance.

Can we pay cash at the door? Yes. But please pre-order by calling 250-374-4914.

How much notice is needed to pre-order? As food needs to be ordered, we prefer that all orders be placed by at least 3 days prior to event. Sales will be cut off at noon the day prior.

Is there a maximum order that we can place? Large orders can be placed. Please call 250-374-4914 to make arrangements.