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Culture and Community

The Colombo Lodge Society was founded in 1914 and is a non-profit Italian Cultural Centre in Kamloops, BC. We strive to promote and celebrate our Italian heritage, and to help foster a sense of community and belonging for our members and guests.


The Society originated with the objective of forming a supportive, cohesive community that would preserve the rich Italian heritage, culture, and traditions. It has since shifted and looks to continue to preserve the Italian culture, while also sharing it with the community of Kamloops. Since the opening of our current building in 1993, the Society has proudly raised and donated over $4,000,000 to the Kamloops community through university scholarships, along with fundraising events that have supported fellow local non-profit organizations. The Society's current venue has been the host of countless weddings, fundraisers, gatherings, and celebrations that have brought people together to create lasting memories. 

Whitewashed Brick

Society Executive

Culture. Community. Collaboration.

"Our mission is to promote and share Italian culture, values, and traditions with the Colombo Lodge Society members and the wider community. We strive to provide an inviting and inclusive space where people can gather and connect while honouring our rich cultural heritage."

This revised mission statement was voted on and passed by members of the Society on April 4, 2023.


Ross Spina



Rino Piroddi

Financial Secretary


John Trotta

Vice President


Mario J. Bruno

Recording Secretary


Joe Caputo



Paolo Munegatto


Building Team

Our experienced manager, Roberta, and her incredible kitchen staff help to anticipate your every need. In-house bartending services are provided by members of the Colombo Lodge. Our versatile venue ensures that you are comfortably accommodated, and is perfectly suited to meet any event need.


Roberta Moroni


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