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of the Colombo Lodge

The Societa Di M.S. Christoforo Colombo, or the Colombo Lodge, has been part of the Kamloops community for over 100 years. We are happy to welcome new members into the Society who are looking to continue maintaining Italian culture within the Kamloops community.


Membership Benefits

There is an expectation that members will volunteer their time and expertise towards events and various needs that help the Society. In return, membership in the Society offers you many benefits beyond staying connected to your Italian heritage and ancestry.   

Membership perks include:

  • Discounted ticket rates for the Annual Anniversary Banquet and Annual Remembrance Day Dinner

  • Special food discounts for members hosting an event in the Main Hall, such as a wedding or anniversary celebration

  • Two free members meeting dinners per year

  •  Free Annual Children’s Christmas Party for children or grandchildren of members 

  • Reduced rental rate for members hosting an event at the Cantina 

  • Open access to the Cantina on weekends for members who wish to play cards or bocce

  • Various additional perks to members during volunteer hours

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